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How much do library workers earn?

Library and information workers can be employed in a wide range of organisations, undertaking a vast number of different positions. Some people will work in a public library, others will choose a corporate position in an international company, while others may be employed as the information professional in a small not-for-profit organisation. That’s one of the great things about libraries; you have heaps of choices about where you can work.


Because of the wide range of positions and organisations there is not one set range of salaries. Library workers in different areas may have their salaries set by guidelines or awards for that employment sector e.g. if you work in a library in a Victorian University your salary will be set by guidelines established for Higher Education Workers. Alternatively, in a private organisation, e.g. a TV NEWS library, your salary might be set independently and will reflect what other professionals in the organisation earn.


Here examples of salaries to give you some idea of what people in the library industry earn.


  • I qualified a couple of years ago as a Library Technician and I work casually in a university library. I usually work around 10 hours a week. I earn $28.77 an hour, but last time I worked on a public holiday I got $58 an hour!
  • I am a qualified Librarian with a Graduate Diploma. I have been working full time in a TAFE library since I graduated two years ago. I am earning $48,700 a year.
  • I am a new Teacher Librarian employed in the State Education system, paid at the same rate as any first year teacher. The starting salary is $52,571 rising to $89,423 at the very top of the teacher range.
  • I am working casually as a Library Assistant at my local public library while I study for my Library Technician qualifications. I was offered the job after I completed an industry placement here as part of my studies. I earn $25 per hour.
  • I’ve been working in the library industry for nearly 30 years. I manage the libraries in a large learning institution and have several hundred staff who report to me. I have several degrees including Librarianship and Business Management. I earn around $250,000 a year.
  • I work as a Student Assistant in the library at my university. I am currently studying to be a Library Technician. I earn $18.00 per hour when I work during the week, but on Saturdays they pay me time and a half and on Sundays I get double time. Thats $36.00 per hour.


The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) provides advice on the contemporary salary standards for Australian library workers.

Librarians, Library Technicians and Library Assistants

Casual Workers



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