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Sara Larvelle

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Sarah Lavelle, Information Officer at the Curriculum Resources Centre of the University of Canberra, shares her thoughts on working in a library.


‘My brain was darting all over the place when I started thinking about this... there are so many things about my job that I love!


Shall I start with the customer service. Working in a library is no longer about sitting in a silent room surrounded by stacks stamping books. The library in which I work is a bustling (and sometimes very noisy!) place and every day I get to interact with many different and interesting people. I have also worked in the public sector and found the same thing. Sure beats spending the whole day sitting in a private booth working by myself.


I love the atmosphere and environment. I work in a specialised resource centre in a university. I get to surround myself with my two passions and bring my qualifications together... education and librarianship. On the other side, at the public libraries, there is so much interesting stuff happening every day... endless stimulation!


I love my colleagues and the people I work with... Librarians are a fun bunch, despite what the stereotype portrays.


I'm currently really enjoying the changes that libraries are starting to take with current and upcoming technologies. There's a lot of really exciting stuff out there and I'm lucky to be involved in a project at the moment that is incorporating new technologies (at least, new to our area) to create a resource that will further help our customers access information. Technology is a really exciting part of our profession at the moment.


And finally... the enjoyment I get in looking for information and resources, and helping my customers with this.’


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