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Top 10 reasons to work in a library

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HOME > Top 10 reasons to work in a library


This is what Sara Larvelle says about working in a library  

'My brain was darting all over the place when I started thinking about this... there are so many things about my job that I love!'



1. Librarians work in a dynamic industry that's constantly evolving.


2. Librarians are the custodians of a wealth of resources: computer games and CD-ROMs; graphic novels; the latest magazines, movies and music as well as masses of online information. There's even books!


3. Librarians provide opportunities for people to create stuff (knowledge transfer etc).


4. Librarians constantly enjoy the challenge of new technology and making it work for their customers.


5. A librarian's work is never dull! On a daily basis, librarians interact with many diverse and interesting people, assisting and supporting them in unique and varied ways. 




6. Librarians have plenty of opportunities to advance their careers.


7. Librarians work in a wide range of organisations: public libraries, university libraries and school libraries. They also have the opportunity to work in specialised areas they might be particularly passionate about, such as medicine, media, environment, finance or law libraries.  


8. A library qualification provides a solid foundation to move into other professions, such as records management, information management, archival and curatorial work.


9. Your library qualification is a passport to working around the world.


10. Librarians are sexy, knowledgable, interesting and mysterious people.



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Comments (10)

Chrissie Bonsor said

at 9:20 am on Dec 12, 2009

I love working in public libraries because of the variety of people you meet! I never know what type of person will walk in the door, or the stories they will carry with them. It has given me a greater respect for the diversity in my community, and I discover new things every day.

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