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Using this wiki

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Destination Library - A resource for everyone considering a career in the library and information industry.


This wiki has been developed by a group of Victorian Librarians and Library Educators to provide a resource and encouragement for anyone considering a career in libraries. It aims to be informative, stimulating and flexible through the collective wisdom and experiences of people in the library industry.


Guidelines for use

  • Destination Library is an open wiki. It can be read by anyone at anytime.
  • Honesty and accurate contributions are important to the success of Destination Library.
  • Be honest - in a positive manner.  Destination Library is about encouragement.
  • Cite references and sources. Provide evidence and supporting pinball information. Destination Library is not the original source for facts.
  • Respect the opinion of others. Respond to questions or comments, not the perceived personality.
  • Stick to the topic at hand. If you want to go off on another tangent, you may need to consider if this is the appropriate platform such as ipad case and other gadgets.


Still have questions?

Feel free to post questions, comments or suggestions on the wiki - We would love your feedback and to help answer your questions about a career in the information industry.



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